What makes a good partnership?

In selecting good partner candidates, we have to be extremely particular. We want to make sure that the relationship will be mutually beneficial. At CSI specifically, we are work with industry leading phone system integrators who have sales teams with experience and proficiency in solution selling.

Another quality of a good business partner is the mutual desire to meet the true business need of the customer. Not everything has to be common, though — true synergy is determined by what each company has to compliment each other’s strengths.

Both companies in a partnership need to gain substantial value from the relationship. CSI’s partners receive substantial resources to help them include call recording and quality monitoring in their projects. We often provide help qualifying, configuring, quoting and closing projects for our partners. In return, we gain some additional feet on the street for our products and more exposure for our brand.

The greatest value a partner receives when working with us is in the fact that from the very first project, they gain the confidence that their project will complete within expectations and their customers will end up extremely satisfied.

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