Virtual Observer & Server Virtualization: Lean, Green & Mean

The engineers up in the labs are once again giving us excellent content to drop on our blog. This time, the topic of “virtualization” came up with an enterprise prospect who needed a zero-hardware call recording implementation.

Of course, since this prospect had Avaya and AES, we went down the path of CMAPI/DMCC for harvesting the calls. We are definitely able to avoid recording boards when we integrate directly with the phone system. There’s one hardware requirement removed from the equation.

Our engineers asked if there were any servers in the data center running VMware. The prospect said yes — we explained we have several customers running the Virtual Observer recording, database and application services on VMware, creating a smaller footprint and a much greener environment.

Our engineers informed us we’ve actually had VO deployed in virtualized environments since 2001. More and more enterprises are going green, and virtualization is one of the processes helping them meet that goal.

VO is 100% compatible with VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server, an excellent option for a lean and green Call Recording and Quality Monitoring implementation.

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