Use Screen Capture to Improve Agent Performance

Virtual Observer’s Screen Capture functionality is more than a “big brother” feature. It is an extremely powerful training tool which can help to identify where your call center agents are making crucial mistakes in navigating your CRM applications. Watching recorded screen activity (which should be synchronized with the audio recording) during the evaluation process allows you to properly evaluate the entire interaction from start to finish, across all media.

Virtual Observers’s Screen Capture feature creates a true full-motion video. The video is a smooth, real time capture of your MS-Windows desktop environment, including dual-monitor environments.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduce Call Wrap-Up by improving CRM process flow
  • Produce “New Hire” Training Materials which include recorded screen activity
  • Include Screen Recordings in Content Deliverables and e-Learning

One of our more recent feature releases, “VO Live”, also offers real-time viewing of agent screen activity in a thumbnail view. Supervisors can watch everyone’s screens at the same time, enlarge and take control of an agents’ screens, and chat with an agent to assist them.

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