Three ways call recording and quality monitoring can provide an instant return on investment

There are many different ways a call recording and quality monitoring system can provide benefits, both in the short and long term.

Here is a quick bullet list of three ways that come to mind based on customer feedback, providing them with an almost instant return on investment.

  • Call center customer service agents, knowing they are going to be recorded, may be motivated to start stepping their game up. They’ll want their scores to be decent. If the implementation of the call monitoring system is rolled out in a positive manner, the employees will embrace the effort to make them better at their jobs.
  • If your company implements a call logging solution, capturing every call, you’ll never be caught missing that important call which can be preserved for training purposes. For example, a customer was able to play back and score a call which captured an agent saving a large customer’s account. The “why” behind the possible cancellation and the “how” the save was conducted was preserved as training material for all new hires.
  • In some cases, call recording can help catch fraud. A system was recording for just under 48 hours when it captured a fraudulent customer calling in to activate his stolen credit card. The caller had presented all of his contact information, and the recorded call was presented to the authorities.
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