These are the rules of business…in call logging terms, that is.

With the rise of a number of regulations and security standards, including PCI and HIPAA compliance, more and more companies are seeing the requirement to record every call and keep them archived for X years, but also to keep them encrypted.

From the SMB up to the Enterprise, there seems to be no escape from compliance. This has created a tremendous demand for highly-reliable, highly-accessible, tightly-secure call logging systems.

Ok…so now your company has every call made in and out of your operation.

The contact center team wants to play back calls for quality monitoring purposes.

You have a gazillion calls per day mounting — how does your quality supervisor find the ones which he should evaluate?

With Virtual Observer, we apply business rules which determine which calls show up in which supervisors’ queue. Business rules can be defined as calls with recorded screens, calls from customer X, calls which are X minutes or longer, calls handled by agent A, calls passed from agent A to agent B, etc.

The complexity of your business rules depends on the different ways you are capturing data with the call. You may have CTI, or simply an SMDR feed. You may have agent tagging, which allows for the agents to tag calls with special notes or codes.

Applying business rules to your call logging solution can turn a mountain back into a molehill, which your supervisors will appreciate.

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