Call Recording / Monitoring also beneficial to Marketing and Development Team

For over twenty five years, Baudville has been an integral part of recognition programs and practices in organizations across the country.

Baudville provides recognition products and expertise to businesses, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations.

Kurt Carlson, Director of Sales for Baudville, recognized Virtual Observer as a key component in the success of their call center operations.

“If you run a call center, you probably already know the value and importance of remote monitoring calls for coaching, development and training. However, as a catalog direct marketer, the impact of Virtual Observer has been immeasurable when we’ve used it to play portions of calls for our Marketing team and Product Development teams.”

“This has happened in three major ways: 1) Hearing how customers misinterpret catalog copy that could be written more clearly; 2) Understanding how customers use the product has given insight into new product ideas, upsell opportunities, or different ways to present the product in pictures, and lastly 3) insight into how well the product training is retained and presented to customers by CSRs,” Kurt added

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