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Workforce Management Solutions IT Checklist

Of course we’re excited about all of the features and capabilities available within the all-in-one bundled feature set, and we’re extremely motivated to show off all of the snazzy new intelligent integrations with Virtual Observer.

First off, let’s get started by stating that we are very excited about Virtual Observer Community WFM.

Today, however, we’re focused on how Community makes life easy for the IT teams who may be evaluating workforce management solutions.

Thus, we’ve created a WFM checklist which collects all of the advantages our WFM solution provides and how it also creates the least amount of headaches from a technology perspective.

  • Architecture/Platform: Familiar Microsoft Architecture (Windows Server 2008/2012, MS SQL DB Server 2008/2012, .NET, IIS) is easily supported.
  • Rollout: Web-based user interface. The implementation should require zero fat-client installs. There are no flash or java requirements.
  • Implementation: Remotely installs in less than one day.
  • Integration: Tighter, failsafe, recoverable native data Integration: no third party middleware or extra charges. Supports over 20 phone platforms, including Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, SIP and many others.
  • Virtualization: Supports a variety of fully virtual deployments and fits readily into existing SQL deployments.
  • Redundancy: High-availability configurations are available.
  • Authentication: Active Directory as well as at the application level.
  • Upgrades: Turnkey upgrades included under standard maintenance.