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Are your customer initiatives also boosted by the “Voice of the Agent”?

You’ve invested in a sweet new technology platform which records all of your calls.

Great start. Now what are you doing with them?Many contact centers have deployed quality monitoring tools for evaluating and scoring calls. Sometimes this leads to live coaching of the agents and other times it leads to scheduled training based on topics where the agents did not fare too well.

Other contact centers have invested in full workforce optimization suites (typically consisting of the aforementioned call recording and quality monitoring, plus workforce management, speech analytics and surveying). These are great and extremely effective, except they lack the “Voice of the Agent“.

Empowering your agents with the ability to use a workforce optimization system will do wonders for their self-improvement and personal development. There are several key areas where they can contribute to the quality monitoring process and calibrate with your “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) intiatives:

  • Allow your agents to play back their own calls and view their recorded screens”
  • Share evaluations with them and let them respond, dispute or accept their scores
  • Provide them with targeted e-learning material based on where their scores show they need improvement
  • Allow them to collaborate with approved peers, supervisors, groups, etc.
  • Enable shift trading, bidding, etc. with integrated Workforce Management technology

Agents should buy into the whole quality-monitoring process and by giving them access to a WFO toolset, they are less likely to take on a “Big Brother” view of your technology investments and more apt to take ownership of their own developments.

Other WFO features such as CSI’s “VO Live” exist to provide management with the ability to zero in on agent behaviors which might be inefficient, counter-productive or where supervisors can intercede in real time to help an agent solve a customer issue. Agents who are introduced into the WFO process in an enthusiastic manner will also buy into the concept of pushing themselves even harder to be the best they can possibly be.

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