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CSI offers a multi-channel means of connecting with us

There are many different ways to connect with us here at CSI, but we pride ourselves in always being able to have a live human answering the phone to get you where you need to go ASAP.

For over 40 years, we’ve never wavered from always making sure we have a real person answering our phones. 860-289-2151.

Besides the phone, we’ve established presences on the web and social media. We’ve also built in a support mechanism right into Virtual Observer.

Customers can instantly chat with us, directly from within Virtual Observer. Diagnostics can be retrieved by our tech team to save time in troubleshooting. Remote connectivity can be instantly established.

Virtual Observer Support Center

With this blog, we use it to communicate company news, industry intelligence and insights. The blog was really our first foray into social media, and it kind of encompassed everything to everyone. It served as part newsletter, part email blast, part news feed. As the author of much of the content, I do try to personalize and make the stories fun and relevant.

Writing to the scores of account managers and contact center professionals who work within our partner ecosystem. This blog aims to provide insight into the processes we use to make our partners’ customers so damn satisfied.

Our place in the twitterverse is a growing one. 180+ followers strong, we try to stay on top of the various partner ecosystems, the Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, NEC, Mitel, SIP/Hosted VoIP, etc., and retweet any news which may be relevant from our space to our audience. We’ll also link to our blog and website when we distribute new content.

This is the newest of our social profiles, but it’s a fun one which allows for flexible posting styles, beautiful pictures and a great UI for writing. Currently connected with telecom professionals from around the globe, and frequently re-sharing their fascinating posts.

Our LinkedIn page is a great introduction to CSI and our capabilities. It’s a good way to reach call center professionals and telecom industry people as well. It’s an interesting recruiting tool and also a good source of brand exposure. We’ll be looking to post more updates in particular on LinkedIn relative to career opportunities, strategic alliances and more.

Our website has always been a fountain of information for interested prospects and partners. There are multiple ways to reach us, whether it’s to make a quick inquiry, submit a career application, get a detailed quote request, an instant web chat, or to find a phone #. We’ve got quite a few ways to share content from our site, just click the appropriate icons. This is the first place, obviously for Virtual Observer feature information.

We set up a TMCnet channel a while back to give us more exposure to the telecom audience, which TMC thrives in. Efforts are being made to use the TMCnet visibility as a place to launch our whitepapers, provide additional insight into recording connectivities, and a hub for news relative to our newer strategic alliances, technology partnerships as well as cloud and mobile initiatives.

We’ve also been playing around with experimental profiles on:

Used more as a pinboard of industry-related news, we’re pin-happy when it comes to the contact center. This will evolve as more pinners join the party and more followers come aboard.

We’ve created a web magazine which curates all the best customer service stories we can find online. It’s called “@YourService” and it’s available here: