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Contact Center Workforce Management Integrations Done Right

The Virtual Observer Community contact center workforce management system offers a native and smarter integration at a lower cost than legacy workforce management suites, providing customers with distinct advantages in a highly competitive marketplace.

Virtual Observer (VO) Community workforce management integration is native to the many switch platforms, whereas, legacy solutions traditionally require the end users to acquire two distinct reports, one for transactional data and one for agent state data that is used for adherence reporting purposes. VO Community workforce management directly queries the database eliminating this expense and third party cost entirely for the end users.

Because of the way VO Community workforce management directly queries the database, once installed, the resident transactional data may be moved directly into the VO Community  database and immediately used for forecasting purposes. VO Community customers do not have to wait for transactional data to accrue to generate forecast of customer demand.

In addition to its ability to quickly move transactional data into our MS SQL database, VO Community also enables the migration of both agent and queue data right into the application, streamlining the entire the setup and deployment cycle and providing a deeper integration than legacy systems.

VO Community workforce management also has a built-in intelligent recovery mechanism. Should VO Community ever lose visibility into the telephony environment, for any reason, once visibility is restored VO Community will automatically populate the missed interval data into our database with no end user involvement.