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Create Unlimited Multichannel Scoring Forms for your Contact Center

One of the core function of Virtual Observer is measuring agent performance by using the evaluation process.

The workforce optimization solution offers a built in wizard with many predefined properties for creating evaluation scorecards – including 6 different response sets as well as a tool for creating your own custom response sets.

With just one mouse click, you can clone an existing form, set color formats, define requirenents for evaluator comments and attach learning materials.

Every question on the scorecard can have its own unique properties or property defaults can be set to save even more time during the design process.

There is no limit to the number of scorecards you can create.

This means you can adapt individual scorecards for each multichannel interaction you evaluate, whether it be a recorded web chat, email or phone call .

Virtual Observer refers to different types of recordings as Event Types which are  linked to a specific scorecard — approaching the evaluation process this way will ensure that your scoring methods are in sync with the event type.

Posted evaluations produce performance and trending reports.

CSI recently took post-evaluation analysis a step further with the launching of the Virtual Observer Agent Portal, which brings the quality monitoring process full circle back to the agent.

Agents now have visibility into their evaluations, and even permitted reporting and peer recordings.

The Agent Portal also opened up back and forth commentary between the Agent and Supervisor/Evaluator, leading to increased coaching and overall performance improvements.