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Use Virtual Observer’s “My Account” feature to personalize your experience

Make it your own!

Don’t we all love having the freedom for my Accountindividuality and truly making something our own? Our Virtual Observer web interface allows you to do just that through our options for account personalization. The interface allows our customers to truly customize what they see on their screen.

The ‘My Account’ feature of within the user interface of our workforce optimization software allows for users to input their information, such as their name, so that each time they log into the application they will be greeted with a tool bar that displays their personal name rather than the same old Windows Login Name. Through the ‘My Account’ feature, a user also has a variety of different layouts they can choose from. Whether you are looking to keep it simple with an Outlook layout or if you want to spice it up a bit with a sweet Facebook layout, that choice, my friends, is all up to you.

This personalization feature also allows for the option to select which programs open each time you log into your Virtual Observer. Imagine if each time you open your Virtual Observer that the programs you use most often automatically loaded. Wouldn’t that just make your life a little easier? If you love personalization and wouldn’t mind saving a few mouse clicks here and there, then this ‘My Account’ option will certainly be for you.

And just when you thought we were done, there’s more! Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed with information on your screen? We have a resolution for that. You can personally customize the information and columns you see within each program through the ‘Grid Layout’ feature. With a simple mouse click you can easily remove the columns and information you don’t want to see and add in the information that you need. Grid Layout also allows you to freeze frames, which would prevent those columns from being able to be moved. After making changes within this feature, you have the opportunity to save the layout as a template that can be shared with other users of the application. Virtual Observer Grid Layout for personalization

It’s almost hard to believe these are only a few of the options our web interface offers to help you simplify your life.