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Connecting Virtual Observer with Salesforce CRM

As many of our business partners count Salesforce among their partners, we’re extra excited to announce the availability of our official Salesforce Connector.

The CSI SalesForce Connector will allow our mutual customers to integrate their Virtual Observer Workforce Optimization Solution with their SalesForce deployment.

The integration can be as simple as a mass list of recordings which can be searched, sorted and played directly from the SalesForce user interface, or a dynamic list linked directly to SalesForce Accounts, Contracts, Cases, Tasks and more.

The application will be available on the AppExchange and uses our PartnerAPI, along with optional callouts or postbacks to the Virtual Observer system via standard SalesForce triggers. The PartnerAPI updates the Virtual Observer metadata in your salesforce organization while the triggers can be invoked when a user adds, edits or deletes SalesForce data. This information can be useful for enhanced linking of Virtual Observer Recordings with SalesForce Transactions.

CSI has the capability to customize any SalesForce object to extend the default installation and add value where necessary.

We can examine your SalesForce Schema and essentially add any data into any field within any object. Tell us what you need and put us to work for your customers today.

As a business partner, we’re positioning our integration decisions based on the other best-of-breed applications you work with, making the decision to choose Virtual Observer easier than ever with built-in connectivities to the other apps you sell.

Your customer base wins here because Virtual Observer is, like Salesforce, available as-a-service in the cloud, for a more reasonable investment than some of your other WFO apps. By the way, Virtual Observer qualifies as a best-of-breed choice based on usability, feature set, open connectivity and fanatical customer support.