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What’s UP with the DOWNTIME?

Linda, a contact centeAgent Timeliner supervisor for a large BPO, is at her desk on a Monday afternoon when she has an epiphany. “Something is not right”, she says to herself. “Its Monday and the phones are eerily quiet – too quiet for my center”, she thought.

Linda decides to have a look and walk down to the floor. All her agents are all at their desks, with their headsets on, and all of their stations are active and ready. Everybody is where they need to be, there just isn’t any of the usual call volume right now. Things will change soon, for sure, but Linda wonders “What are they doing with their down time?”.

In today’s fast paced high tech Contact Center, Linda is accustomed to measuring many different Key Point Indicators. She measures everything from total calls, calls in queue, wait times, hold times, average talk times, net promoter score, customer satisfaction score and everything in-between. This mountain of data proves useful for Linda when determining what is happening, when, and more importantly, how she can act on it. However, what can Linda learn when times are slow.

Linda knows her management uses the Virtual Observer Work Force Optimization Suite from CSI to record calls, chats, emails, social media and all their customer interactions. She knows Virtual Observer monitors ACD stats and agent state changes for forecasting, scheduling and adherence, but what can she do when “nothing is happening”?.

Before long, as expected, the phones are lit up like a Christmas tree again. It’s a good thing she didn’t let people start going home. Everything seems to be back to normal and the team is humming at capacity again.

Later that day Linda wonders to herself, “Has this lull happened before? Have we been wasting time in idle when we could be doing other things”?

Linda then recalls being trained on the “Agent Timeline” feature. She opens the event log to monitor agents in this view. There are recordings covering agent’s entire shifts from the time they clocked in to the time they clocked out. All their customer interactions are there, but so are “filler events” that fill in the down time with screen recordings. These screen recordings can be reviewed to determine what the agents were doing in the down time. And more importantly, everything is color coded so Linda can see what events are customer interactions and what events are down time filler events.

Linda spends a few hours reviewing her teams time line view and filler events from the previous week. She realizes she has been drastically over staffed because to many of her agents are surfing the news sites, even after fulfilling their E-Learning requirements, and wasting lots of time and resources. Linda adjusts her scheduling parameters in the Virtual Observer Workforce Management app and has saved the company a bundle.

“How did we get by before without using this feature?” she asked aloud.

“What’s up with the downtime, indeed,” she thinks, proud of her new discovery and the value she delivered to her organization.

“VO Agent Timeline” is an included feature in the Virtual Observer suite which asks the question “What’s Up With the Down Time?”. Virtual Observer is already loaded with more bundled quality monitoring and workforce optimization features than any other WFO suite on the market, and the innovation continues with the introduction of VO Agent Timeline, an essential tool for supervisors to visualize agent activity levels at a glance. Click here to find out more use cases for the Agent Timeline feature.