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Supervisors also benefit from the power of Virtual Observer’s Agent Portal

The Virtual Observer Agent Portal allows an agent to access their own recordings and evaluations at the tip of their fingers.  The feature’s benefits are not exclusive to the Agent, however, as utilizing the portal in a contact center environment is also very beneficial to the supervisors as well. Virtual Observer Agent Portal

Typically, supervisors will find that they spend lengthy periods of time meeting with agents to review calls and performance.

Agent Portal helps make this task much easier, as it allows the supervisor to post an agent review that will automatically be sent to the portal.

Once a review is accepted or disputed by an agent, the supervisor will have easy access to see this within their own Virtual Observer interface.  The interface provides the supervisor with color-coded representations so that they can determine the current status of the review.

Color codes for agent evaluations

Red Flag: Review has been disputed
Green Flag: Review has been accepted and closed
Red Dot: Indicates you need to complete the next step
Green Dot: Waiting for agent to complete the next Step
Star: Review has been recently updated

The agent review process also helps eliminate the paper trail that occurs with accept and dispute processes.  In addition to this review feature, agents will also have the ability to view dashboards that showcase how they are performing in relation to peers from directly within their own portal. 

The goal of the Agent Portal is not only to allow for agents to be able to review their own information, but to promote a more seamless process when it comes to agent performance evaluation and improvement. 


5 reasons to love our fresh, updated WFO software user interface

1) Virtual Observer’s (VO) Web-based user interface is cleaner, modern and extremely easy to use, while maintaining predictive navigation and familiarity for users of the previous version. Users take to it extremely quickly. Virtual Observer Agent Portal

2) VO’s latest version is equipped with Dashboard Reporting, including many pre-loaded widgets which present Average Handle Time, Employee Performance Reports, First Call Resolution data and more, in real-time drill-down charts.

3) VO’s Agent Portal module is now included with our latest version. Agent Portal brings the agent into the process, giving them the ability to log in to VO, respond to evaluations and receive E-learning tasks, collaborate with peers and more.

4) The overhauled user interface features a one-screen query wizard which allows users to easily look up the data they need quick. Users are also able to save favorite views as their own personal default views when they’re logged in.

5) Best of all, the investment in the software licensing for the 4.0 upgrade is zero dollars, as actively supported customers are able to leverage their previous investments and make the move to the new interface, paying only for the professional services time to perform the upgrade.

From version to version, the WFO software’s upgrade path has always been a painless option for customers to maintain a low cost of ownership throughout the life cycle of our software. We’ve been receiving accolades from new customers and from customers who’ve previously used competitive solutions saying “this VO is a breath of fresh air, extremely easy to use!” and “it’s great knowing we’re not being presented with what we’ve seen before from your competiton – essentially complete re-buys in years 2 and 3.”