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5 Most Powerful Add-On Applications In Your Partner Sales Catalog

When it comes to bundling features, no one includes as much value-add in our core component as CSI does with Virtual Observer, from our VO Live Screen and Webcam Monitoring to our Agent Portal & E-Learning, it’s all included with the core package. Incredible value for the customer.

We also offer a number of add-ons which are excellent options for extending a contact center’s capabilities. This is where our business partners can also benefit by being able to sell expansion and enhancements as Customers need them.

All of our “best of breed” add-ons are also available, of course, as part of the entire “Workforce Optimization” suite, if desired.

It’s a win-win-win for CSI, our partners and the customers, who often don’t want to pay for add-ons if they aren’t going to use them yet.

  1. VO Community Workforce Management – Hands down, the most usable, “best of breed” workforce management application on the market. Includes scheduling, forecasting, real-time agent adherence, interactive shift bidding, a variety of agent portals, and more.
  2. LightsOut! for PCI Compliance – automates the process of “not” recording sensitive data.
  3. Call Insight Speech Analytics – Exciting speech capabilities immediately make themselves available to organizations, essentially automating the listening and discovery processes.
  4. SalesForce Connector – Leverage your recorded interactions by associating them with the customer record right from within SalesForce.
  5. Auto Archiving – Save recorded media to NAS/SAN or the cloud, automatically.