Mission Critical 24×7

Rest assured, your support team is alert and ready.

Response times guaranteed to solve any critical issues ASAP.

To respond to your mission critical call recording requirements, CSI offers our 24/7 Mission Critical Maintenance Program, our highest level of support.

Mission-Critical Support can provide coverage up to seven days per week, 24 hours per day, including local holidays, with the rapid response your business needs. With The Mission Critical Maintenance Program, customers can rest assured with accelerated escalation for priority level issues.

Main Benefits

  • Fastest response to problems can restore your system quickly.
  • Our intelligent, professional support teams are always available to give you fast, knowledgeable service.
  • CSI’s professional support team has 40+ yrs experience in call center training and support and know your situation best – thus, we don’t outsource or extend our phone lines outside of our own staff

About Coordinated Systems, Inc.

Established in 1972, Coordinated Systems, Inc. has consistently evolved our solutions over time and our business has thrived on building high quality long term relationships with customers and partners. We believe in building great customer experiences. This shows in every person we hire and in every interaction you will have with us.