VO Cloud Packages

CSI offers a wide range of cloud offerings, from basic recording needs to an advanced Workforce Optimization platform.

CSI has designed multiple cloud packages which encompass our most popular configurations:

Virtual Observer Cloud Quality Monitoring Package
This solution will provide a robust feature set which includes evaluation & scoring, performance reporting & dashboards, e-learning within an agent portal, and more.

Virtual Observer Cloud Quality Monitoring w/ Screen Capture
Improve your quality assurance and training program with the added benefit of our rules-based screen capture capabilities.

Virtual Observer Cloud WFO
Our WFO offering offers all of the quality monitoring features, rules-based screen capture, and workforce management.

Virtual Observer Cloud WFO w/ Speech
Boosted by a phonetic speech engine, the ultimate WFO solution features robust quality monitoring, forecasting & scheduling, agent adherence and a suite of speech analytics features to help discover your most important calls…automatically.

* All cloud packages come with CSI Cloud Managed Services (required) which include cloud storage, a dedicated customer database and infrastructure as a service,