VO Zendesk Applications

Zen and the power of WFO

CSI created two powerful apps for Zendesk’s app marketplace, enabling Virtual Observer and Zendesk customers to extend the value of both applications and leverage their recorded interactions within Zendesk environments.

The Virtual Observer Ticketing Events App will bring recorded audio, chat, social events and recorded screen activity directly into related Zendesk tickets for a fully integrated experience.

The Virtual Observer Agent Portal Zendesk App enables access to Virtual Observer’s Agent Portal interface right from within the user’s Zendesk environment, thus allowing agents to see their workforce optimization analytics side by side with their Zendesk information.

CSI also integrated Virtual Observer into Zendesk’s communication channels so that transactions made through Zendesk, including email, voice, chat and social, are automatically harvested into the Virtual Observer database, allowing the Zendesk interactions to be logged or evaluated as part of a workforce optimization initiative.

“The integration of the Virtual Observer platform into Zendesk will benefit existing Zendesk customers who can now use affordable workforce optimization tools to oversee their contact center performance,” said Rich Marcia, Marketing Director for CSI. “Integrations with applications like Zendesk and other SaaS-based customer service solutions are natively complementary to a workforce optimization solution such as Virtual Observer”.

Zendesk has experienced significant growth across all of its lines of business, and continues to innovate around Voice & Chat to support support customers using a variety of communication methods. This plays well with Virtual Observer, which can be used to evaluate and score many different channels of interactions as well, including audio, chat, email and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.


What Our Customers Are Saying...

One of the most secure companies in the world, Iron Mountain’s IT staff has said “We have on occasions simply enjoyed a very social, easy-going, and yet highly technical banter with CSI technicians who are as passionate about their work as I am, but just as able to be personable. Kudos, to whoever it was that saw the need to have qualified, real, and personable support staff to talk with. This delicate balance of personality and teeth-grindingly accurate technical aptitude is far too rare!”