VO U-wfm SMB Cloud Workforce Management Software

Delivering an Alternative, Affordable Workforce Management Solution for SMB and Mid-Sized Contact Centers!

  • NOTE: If you are looking for an enterprise-class workforce management solution, please check out VO Community WFM

Workforce Management (WFM) is the art of forecasting a workload  and creating work patterns with the intent to produce a balanced agent schedule to complete all or as much of the work as possible within a defined service level target.

The software offers a true lower cost of ownership within a low monthly OpEx model. Even professional services, training and support are priced for value.

Virtual Observer’s U-wfm is delivered remotely for a faster overall installation time. Training utilizes a train-the-trainer approach, allowing your team to take control of their own learning styles.

The Cloud-based computing model uses a multi-tenant and scalable architecture which
was designed to efficiently and securely deliver web-based applications at the lowest possible
cost. It focuses on quick set up and low operating costs through shared services. For
WFM software, this ensures available computing capacity only when you need it, at the lowest
possible cost.

– Historical & Real-Time ACD Integration
– Accelerated Forecasting Methods
– Multi-skilled Forecasting
– Schedule Optimization
– Intraday Management
– Real-Time Agent Adherence
– Vacation\Event Management

Most Workforce Management solutions only allow agent access through an internal intranet. The software allows agent access on any web browser or mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection. The agent portal allows your agents to view all the information they need regarding their work patterns. They can view their shifts, activities, personal time allowances and even request vacations. The Agent Portal is updated in real-time, meaning that as soon as an administrator has updated a schedule, the agent will be able to see it.

The forecasting tool will help you handle typical and non-typical challenges found in your call volumes. All forecasts can be edited in graph form as well by making wholesale adjustments as needed. This enables full visibility of resource, opportunities & efficiencies, essentially cutting weeks off of your forecasting cycle times.

Our simple yet powerful technology provides a staff scheduling system which gives you full control. It includes rotational shift planning along with outstanding agent & call representative optimization. You can drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time. These can be locked or unlocked, allowing you the ability to reschedule around activities
to ensure the schedule is optimally efficient. The process for setting up working rules for contact center agents is easy and displayed graphically, which assists in
removing any frustrating guesswork in the shift building process.

We deliver a true real-time adherence functionality without adding complexity. The
simplicity of RTA shines through with the help of color-coded visuals.

– 100% cloud-based
– No third party middleware
– Virtualized server environment
– Rapid implementation cycle time
– Connectors to all popular telephony platforms

Virtual Observer’s SMB cloud solution was built by contact center professionals to concentrate on the fundamentals of WFM. From forecasting to building shift schedules, the simplistic layout allows for success despite the users level of experience with Workforce Management systems.

Your staff will be using our solution in a matter of days not weeks, which in turn provides you with an incredibly fast return on investment.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“As the Call Center Manager for a growing catalog and internet company, sales call quality and customer service call quality are paramount. In our industry what separates one company from another is the level of service. We recognized that in order to raise the bar (to become the company of choice) we need to do something more, continually improve on call quality. After a lengthy due diligence we chose VO as the application to assist us in our quest to be number one. Virtual Observer has provided us with exactly what we need to guide our representatives to success. I have used several applications in my career and this system is as straightforward as you can get. The support team made training and implementation a breeze; making the bottom line cost of the entire application very affordable.”