VO Oracle Service Cloud Connector

WFO-enable your Oracle Service Cloud

If you have Oracle Service Cloud, we can extend the value of the application by providing WFO functionality within Oracle Service Clouoracle service cloudd.

We integrate with today’s leading cloud CRM/ERP tools, such as Oracle Service Cloud, in a way that allows contact centers to operate one seamless technology platform fully integrating all aspects of CRM/ERP and WFO together in a single platform.

The integration can be as simple as a mass list of WFO Recordings which can be searched, sorted and played directly from the Service Cloud user interface or a dynamic list linked directly to Service Cloud Objects and placed strategically on their Workspaces.

The Oracle Service Cloud Connector Services reads the WFO database looking for the arrival of new interaction recordings, such as audio, video, chat, email, social or omnichannel. As new recordings are located, they are compared to a series of business rules in the WFO configuration to determine if the recording should be added to Service Cloud. The recording metadata is then written to the Service Cloud domain.

The recordings can then be accessed from the Incidents or Tasks within Service Cloud. The Connector Services may also locate matching Service Cloud elements, such as Incidents, Contacts, Tasks, which occurred during the time of the interaction recording and attach the WFO object to the proper Service Cloud object.

The Connector Services also reads metadata from Service Cloud to import Chat and Email Transcripts and to gather Workforce Management statistics for forecasting and scheduling.

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