VO SalesForce Connector

Launch calls right from the customer record in SalesForce

The CSI SalesForce Connector allows customers to integrate their Virtual Observer Workforce Optimization Solution with their SalesForce implementation.

The integration can be as simple as a mass list of recordings which can be searched, sorted and played directly from the SalesForce user interface, or a dynamic list linked directly to SalesForce Accounts, Contracts, Cases, Tasks and more.

There are 2 pieces to the CSI/SalesForce integration component. The first is a SalesForce App  which installs within the SalesForce org to create a new custom object known as “voEvents”. This app also contains a “View” and a “Tab” that can be added to any user, screen or page. The second component is a CSI service, built using the “SalesForce Partner API” and installed directly within your Virtual Observer Server Architecture, to actually write VO recordings to your SalesForce org into the new “voEvents” object. This service is downloaded and installed separately from the component.

The CSI built Service will read the VO database looking for the arrival of new recordings. As new recordings are located they are compared to a series of business rules to determine if the recording should be added to SalesForce. If so, the recording metadata is written to your SalesForce org, along with a link to the VO Player, thus allowing playback from within the SalesForce user interface. Additionally, the service can locate a matching SalesForce task record (such as a comment, note, log-a-call, chatter) and link the VO recording to the appropriate Account, Contact, Case or other SalesForce object. This allows vo Recordings to be linked directly with their corresponding SalesForce entities.


Although not part of the default installation, the Salesforce connector can allow for callouts or postbacks to the Virtual Observer system via standard SalesForce triggers. These triggers can be invoked when a user adds, edits or deletes SalesForce data. This information can be useful for enhanced linking of Virtual Observer Recordings with SalesForce Transactions.

CSI has the capability to customize any SalesForce object to extend the default installation and add value where necessary. Our sniffer tools can examine your SalesForce Schema and essentially add any data into any field within any object. Tell us what you need and put us to work for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“I looked at several other call recording vendors, many whom were much more expensive and included many extra features that seemed beyond what was really needed. CSI’s soft sell approach helped me make the decision. I appreciated the patience CSI exhibited. Part of the decision to choose Virtual Observer was also because it was easy to prove out the return on investment. Being so cost effective, the performance gains show a positive return within the first year.”

‐ Steve Addy