Rules-Based Screen Capture

Integrated Screen Recording

Flexible screen capture rules for your specific contact center needs Virtual Observer Screen Capture Playback Experience

Virtual Observer Screen Capture allows your users to see a synchronized playback of the recorded screen activity along with the audio, in essence re-enacting the interaction and enabling a greater range of quality optimization opportunities.

In the past, Virtual Observer offered this feature as either a snapshot by snapshot rendering, or as live video recording, available as a selective screen recording option. Today there are many more ways to achieve fully integrated screen capture, including the ability to fully customize your configuration according to your business requirements.

With Virtual Observer’s Rules-Based Screen Capture feature, your organization can dictate how many screens are recorded and retained based on your own internal goals.

Examples of the rules you can use:

  • Record a percentage of screens from inbound calls handled by agent X
  • Record a percentage of screens from all recorded calls
  • Record a percentage of screens from calls from customer x
  • Record screens based on agent skill sets
  • Record screens based on call type
  • Record screens based on ANI
  • Record screens based on DNIS
  • Record all outbound calls with screens
  • Record all calls with screens
  • Record only screens (no audio) on-demand
  • Record only screens (no audio) using a schedule

Many organizations allow their users to use multiple monitors to give them more desktop real estate. Virtual Observer Rules-Based Screen Capture supports multiple monitor environments.

Customers can also leverage VO Live, an included feature, offers an alternative way to optimize desktop activity. VO Live allows the supervisors to view thumbnails of all agent desktops in real-time. Supervisors can then select a thumbnail to enlarge to full screen, initiate a chat session with an agent, or take control of an agent pc in order to provide assistance in using applications. Used in conjunction with rules-based screen capture, VO Live can identify employees who might benefit by having their desktop activity recorded for evaluation.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We utilize the Speech Analytics features, which has really paid off for us so far.  The ability to search by key words has eliminated the hunt and peck method we used previously.  One of the other features we love is the screen capture and live desktop monitoring that enhances coaching and praise opportunities. I have had many experiences with call monitoring in the past. I LOVE Virtual Observer from its thumbnails of desktops to its ability to interact with employees while they are on a call. I also have positive comments for the training as it is tailored around who is attending. The more interactive the participants the better the training was. The trainer was excellent!”

‐ Kara Fitzgerald
Logix Federal Credit Union