LightsOut! for PCI Compliance

Prevent sensitive data from even being recorded

Our LightsOut! API will protect confidential customer data and help to meet PCI Compliance needs

Our Lights Out module works within Virtual Observer (VO) Professional, a simple, effective and affordable quality assurance solution for call centers. VO is fully customizable and designed to continuously improve the performance of your call center agents. VO is available in a wide array of configurations designed to work with call centers of all sizes. VO’s Lights Out module will completely secure your valuable customer information and sensitive data, helping you comply with standards such as PCI compliance and HIPAA compliance.


Single Transaction Security:
CSI believes that protection for all starts with protection for one

“Lights Out” functionality:
The application controls playback and review based on tight restrictions applied by users and profiles. However, playback is indeed a necessity and therefore users will have access to sensitive card holder data. To reduce this exposure, Virtual Observer engineers developed a “Lights Out” feature for recorded audio and media which detects the start and stop of a credit card transaction and mutes the audio as well as wiping out the screen images during the life of the credit card process.

“Lights Out” relies on your IT staff to use our API: The Virtual Observer Web Service API is used by client applications to send data to the Virtual Observer server via a web method post. This Service is a Microsoft .net Web Service running on the Virtual Observer Server and will receive XML posts via a web method from any client capable of sending such a request.

Want to automate this task vs. using the API? Check out our Desktop Analytics feature.

These features are designed not only for PCI Compliance and HIPAA compliance but also for true enterprise-caliber granular security

Big Time ROI…VO’s Lights Out enables you to:

  • Comply with PCI and HIPAA security and data standards
  • Protect your valuable customer information from unauthorized access

What Our Customers Are Saying...

A healthcare facility in the mideast US installed Virtual Observer a few years back as part of a call recording and quality assurance initiative:
“We monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for 40 agents. By recording all calls and auditing data and productivity reports for each team, individual registrar and nurse managers can determine how to reduce hold times, transfer fewer calls and provide more callers with what they need with just one call. This tool also improves management’s ability to train and coach staff to enhance the customer experience. The call center uses internally designed evaluation templates to measure quality, accuracy and completeness of contact with families.”