Social Media Monitoring

Are your agents responding to your customer’s tweet in a proper manner?

Bring your email, web chat and social support streams into the WFO mix.

Virtual Observer now provides you the ability using the (Zendesk ticketing integration) to evaluate and score interaction opportunities beyond the traditional call and screen. Web chats, emails and social media response efforts can be monitored within the quality process, allowing for reporting & analytics by event type.

Web Chat and Email have long been used as alternative methods of receiving support or sales inquiries. More and more forward-thinking companies are deploying social media responders, staff who can reply to a Twitter or Facebook mention in a positive manner. Now these vital communications can be included in the quality monitoring process.

  • Play back recorded events from phone calls, emails, web chats, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS as well as any other active channels.
  • Evaluate and score the events to ensure proper dialogue and resolution as part of an objective to deliver the ultimate customer experience.
  • Use social media monitoring tools such as Zendesk (which turns social media interactions into support tickets) to monitor their brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and respond .
  • Avoid “social road rage” where customers who suffered a bad experience turn to their social channels to complain. Train your agents on how to diffuse these situations.
  • Scheduled re-training of the Twitter Response procedures to be delivered to the agent via our E-learning features within the agent portal.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

A healthcare facility in the mideast US installed Virtual Observer a few years back as part of a call recording and quality assurance initiative:
“We monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for 40 agents. By recording all calls and auditing data and productivity reports for each team, individual registrar and nurse managers can determine how to reduce hold times, transfer fewer calls and provide more callers with what they need with just one call. This tool also improves management’s ability to train and coach staff to enhance the customer experience. The call center uses internally designed evaluation templates to measure quality, accuracy and completeness of contact with families.”