First Call Resolution Service

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Virtual Observer’s “First Call Resolution” service is a server-based feature enabling contact centers to focus on an important Key Performance Indicator using their specific interpretation.

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a common Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in contact centers. Resolving customer issues on first interaction is paramount to quality customer service, reduced costs and ultimately an improved bottom line.

Given ACD data such as Agent State Changes and Computer Telephony Integrated (CTI) metadata for enhanced data points, the system is capable of detecting repeat interactions, and ultimately, FCR. Customers can create business rules and alarms to detect and notify supervisors of customer interactions that could be classified as repeat contacts.

With the power of WFO and the FCR Service, this task is handled effortlessly. The FCR Service allows for contact center managers to program it using any piece of data captured from the environment. This can be via claim number, case number, ticket number, customer number, account number, process id, or even un-mapped basic telephony information such as caller id, extension, agent or even date and time.

Another VO service, “The Evaluation Assignment Service”, can be configured to automatically assign all interactions flagged for FCR to the next available evaluator. Evaluations performed on those repeat interactions generate scores which propel the system to automatically push the proper learning materials to the agents.

Virtual Observer can also extend FCR through the Speech Analytics feature set to harness the power of the spoken word to uncover repeat interactions.

Virtual Observer’s “FCR Services” with speech analytics can look for any number of configurable words and phrases to determine repeat contacts, such as, “I’ve called before”, “I’m calling back”, “This is the nth time I’ve called”, and many more.

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