Call Insight Speech Analytics

Let our speech analytics system do the call listening for you!

Call Insight Enterprise Speech Analytics  speech-digruntled

Virtual Observer’s Call Insight, a phonetic-based speech engine, provides powerful insights into your call center performance, providing faster, more precise and timely quality assurance gains.

Once again, CSI has delivered an enterprise-scale feature set which is affordable for call centers of any size. As with all of Virtual Observer’s robust QA features, we’ll bring a new enhancement to market only when it works well, fits within our lowest cost-of-ownership philosophy, and is of immense value to our customers.

Fully integrated with our robust call recording and quality monitoring solution, Virtual Observer’s speech analytics features empower your call center staff to find the right calls much faster than they currently can. Our unique speech tools also enable Virtual Observer to automatically score calls and tag calls, saving your staff an incredible amount of time.

Speech Analytics – Call Indexing
Virtual Observer Call Insight Speech Analytics will now phonetically index all of your recorded calls, giving you the power to perform critical searches and automate your most time-consuming quality processes. This industry leading phonetic based indexing process is performed at 80 times real time and is completed as soon as calls are recorded. Indexing is only required once, so there is no need to re-index recordings. Once recordings are indexed, you can search for any word or phrase at anytime, now or in the future.

Speech Analytics – Call Searching
Virtual Observer Call Insight enables you to easily search your recorded calls for any keyword or phrase. There may be times when you simply want to type in words and phrases on-demand to see what’s going on, being said or while researching a particular issue. Virtual Observer Call Insight’s search tool allows you to build unlimited searches using confidence levels, proximities between phrases and combinations of “AND / OR” clauses for an unlimited searching opportunity.

You can create categories of critical queries which will run against your phonetic meta-data to reveal eye opening business insights and opportunities for Virtual Observer Call Insight to make an even greater impact on performance.

For example, you may create a category of calls where agents did not achieve First Call Resolution, based on matching keyword phrases such as “have you called about this problem before? Yes” and “is this a new problem? No”. Use Call Insight’s Search features to find the right calls at the right time.

Speech Analytics – Automatic Call Marking/Tagging
Contact Center supervisors spend countless hours marking calls based on various indicators, for example, “Sales”, “Customer Service”, “Speak to Your Supervisor”, “Over Billed Again”. Now, Virtual Observer Call Insight gives you the opportunity to automate this function and reduce the time spent actually listening to calls. Don’t have a complete end-to-end ACD/CTI integrated environment, but need calls quantified based on type, department, skill, reason? Implement Call Insight’s Call Tagging to automatically categorize calls for you and gain your time back.

Speech Analytics – Automatic Call Scoring/Evaluation
One of the largest expenses in running a call center is the amount of time supervisors spend evaluating and training agents to follow a script that is proven to work. This process involves randomly selecting calls and listening to them in their entirety to determine proper call opening, verification of customer information, offering new services and so on. This arduous process can now be replaced, or supplemented, by phonetically evaluating calls for script adherence and other key indicators that are important to you. This automated process can also link in your coaching materials so agents can be evaluated and trained end-to-end without the time consuming need to manually play and score calls. Automatically score calls and provides a higher volume of evaluations, rapidly. Automatic call scoring works best for script adherence in telemarketing or in order taking environments. Spend less time scoring and more time analyzing the resulting metrics.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We use Virtual Observer’s Dual-Screen capture and audio capture to monitor customer communications with our in-house Customer Service and Technical Support Departments. The evaluation component assists us in improving our customer communications.”