Agent Portal & E-Learning

Virtual Observer Agent PortalEmpower your agents by bringing them into the call monitoring process

Voice of the Agent

This exciting new feature gives your agents their own view into Virtual Observer, where they can play back their own recordings, view their performance statistics, access learning materials and more.

Virtual Observer provides robust tools for employee development, but most of it is supervisor-intensive. Agent Portal enhances agent improvement techniques by closing the loop and including the agent themselves in the process.

Agent Portal provides agents (with proper permissions) the ability to access:

  • Most Recent Evaluations
  • Last 10 Evaluations
  • 7 day Evaluation Average
  • 30 day Evaluation Average
  • All Recordings
  • Most Recent Recordings
  • Last 10 Recordings
  • Learning Materials
  • Recent Activity
  • Scratch Pad for saving notes

With Chatterbox (Skype-like), agents are able to share knowledge, agents can open chats with their supervisors or with peers in their approved groups. 

Virtual Observer’s E-Learning capabilities have been taken to the next level with Agent Portal. Agents are able to log in and access a queue of learning tasks right from within the portal. 

BENEFITS FOR AGENTS – Enhanced agent experience results in improved customer experience:

  • Agents can hear their own recorded calls and watch their screen activty – unleashing their harshest critic: themselves
  • Agents can compare their performance levels against their peers
  • Agents can accept or dispute evaluations, giving supervisors and managers valuable feedback
  • Administrators can set permission levels for access to all elements of Agent Portal, maintaining control for the organization, while enhancing the agent experience

BENEFITS FOR SUPERVISORS – Supervisors can view the progress of their agents’ E-Learning efforts and correlate to actual performance metrics:

  • Agent Portal compliments or replaces the resources required for face-to-face coaching
  • Supervisors can also see which of their evaluations have been accepted, disputed, or unopened as of yet.
  • Having access to this information will empower your agents to take ownership of their performance. 

Agent Portal enhances agent improvement techniques by closing the loop and including the agent themselves in the process.

It’s also important to know for security purposes that only authorized agents with proper permission settings can access the portal.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“One of the immediate benefits was our ability to monitor that large influx of new associates we have at our season. Being able to give them feedback on their performance quickly and correct areas where they are having trouble has lower our attrition, during that critical period, and saved us money. We highly recommend Virtual Observer for other e-commerce contact centers. The features, cost, and ease of use along with the good customer service provided by CSI makes this system an excellent choice.”