Virtual Observer records the professional teleservice outsourcers.

Every location across the globe, centralized as if one big contact center.

Virtual Observer provides a rock solid, scalable call recording solution for your growing number of call centers. Compatible with most popular phone systems and VoIP platforms, Virtual Observer can provide you with a quality monitoring system which will be a differentiator in your space. Implement Virtual Observer today and be able to:

  • Implement user friendly call recording system and rapidly realize performance gains.
  • Record calls in sales departments for training. Increase saves and upsells.
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Reduce agent churn by improving training process with integrated evaluation, integrated screen capture, and e-learning
  • Understand “what’s up with the down time”
  • Easily scale the system as you grow your business
  • Centralize reporting to show true enterprise-wide performance gains

Featured Testimonials from call center outsourced services and telecom customers:

Results Companies
“At this point we should consider this project as complete and a success!!  We are one of the only vendors who are successfully delivering all recordings and requested metadata. CSI was the expert in this process.  Not only did they help our team with setup but they partnered with requests from the speech partner, joining calls and responding to emails whenever they could help.”
– Summer Dombrowski, Director of Delivery Solutions

Results Companies
“Virtual Observer was the product with the most features for the value, especially value to price”
– Alec Brecker

Resolution, Inc.
“Since the implementation of the updated version of VO, there have been many differences that I have found beneficial in my everyday use. With the new Query Wizard feature, you are able to define virtually any piece of data that you need and sort accordingly. Reporting is much more efficient now. Listening to calls is much easier now with the visual event player. The “make media list” feature with web playback has a lot of benefits, although I haven’t had the opportunity to really put this feature to use yet…Overall a very happy user!” 
– Yvonne Toutant, Training Quality and Interface Manager