The right technology for technology companies.

Highly and quickly scalable Workforce Optimization solutions.

The ability to rapidly train new agents can have a dramatic effect on technology companies’ productivity and overall performance. Whether Virtual Observer is deployed in a help desk environment or an inside sales department, many benefits are realized, enabling you to:

  • Record calls in help desk area and facilitate performance gains throughout the contact center
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Record calls in customer service departments
  • Deploy robust and affordable call recording and quality monitoring system during tough economic times to improve performance

Featured Testimonials from technology customers:

Quad Graphics
“This was our first step into call recording and I can’t imagine I would want to look at any other product for our deployment. Our Cisco vendor recommended CSI and I can see why. Probably the easiest implementation and training I’ve ever worked on from a vendor. I’ve never had an issue with anyone from CSI with any questions or issues I have brought up. I can always count on them getting answered. Training has always been great too and very flexible with the CSI trainers.”
– Alex Braunschweig, Systems Administrator

“I have not forgotten about you guys and apologize for the delay. First and foremost, I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate working with you on these implementations. Over the past 3 years I have lost a lot of faith in “vendor relations” and I can honestly say CSI has restored quite a bit of it. Your willingness to work with the customer and open lines of communications you maintain through the process are very commendable. In short, it is an absolute pleasure to work with you guys on these projects and look forward to future ventures that WILL occur. Great job on version 3!”
– Bob Boursow, Help Desk Analyst

Iron Mountain
“From my perspective the ability to utilize the tool as a way to measure effectiveness and our ability to use it for training and development purposes are important. Also, having two locations it gives my Leadership Team the ability to collaborate when reviewing monitoring sessions.”
– Mike Palumbo, Director Customer Response