Municipal & Utility

Empowering the contact centers of those who supply power

Both municipalities and public utilities face increased regulation and have a need for affordable and reliable call logging. Virtual Observer meets all of the requirements and provides the ability for your operation to:

  • Record calls to comply with industry standards, compliances and regulations
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Train employees for improved performance and resolution
  • Deploy an extremely user friendly system with fast search functionality to find important calls.
  • Automatically archive logged calls to an external NAS or SAN

Featured Testimonials from municipal and utility customers:

Butler County, OH

“From the very start, CSI has been extremely responsive to our needs, and provided unmatched support throughout the procurement and implementation phases. Virtual Observer has been extremely easy for all of our users to understand and begin utilizing immediately.”
– Butler County Projects Team

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

“DOTD’s Truck Permit Office uses the Virtual Observer to listen to call backs when a complaint is received from a customer or co-worker. It also has a lot more capabilities than just listening to recorded calls but this is the main use we utilize.  The recorded calls are very important when there’s a case where a customer says they order a type of permit but received a different one.  Also, if we have a complaint about a Permit Specialist being rude, we pull the recording and review it with the Permit Specialist.”
Robin Smith, DOTD

BGE Home

“With Virtual Observer, I found the auto-schedule feature to be a big time saver for us. In my opinion, the ability to seamlessly integrate an existing evaluation form into VO is of great benefit.” 
– Jennifer Trott, Director Technical Workforce Development

City of Claremore “We appreciate the ability to record the calls and the capability to research and playback the calls. We use this for two main items: Tracking our phone call workload and reviewing the calls in cases of customer disputes.”
– Tim Miller, Director of Utilities