America has a long, great history of Manufacturing.

Virtual Observer records the conversations which keep manufacturers moving ahead.

CSI has been in business since 1972, through numerous economic downturns. We have experience providing manufacturing companies with solid solutions which are easy to use, cost effective, and produce results. Implementing a call recording solution such as Virtual Observer can help you to:

  • Record calls in sales departments for training. Increase saves and upsells
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Record calls in customer service departments and train agents to improve performance
  • Record call in dispatch departments
  • Deploy robust and affordable call recording and quality monitoring system during tough economic times to improve contact center performance

Featured Testimonials from manufacturing and trucking:

A. Duie Pyle
“Aside from loving the ease and convenience of recording Customer Service Representatives (random scheduling / once a CSR is added there is no need to follow up to ensure they are being recorded) it is very user friendly when retrieving calls for monitoring purposes and feedback,”
– June Bruce, Customer Service Supervisor
“We use Virtual Observer’s Dual-Screen capture and audio capture to monitor customer communications with our in-house Customer Service and Technical Support Departments. The evaluation component assists us in improving our customer communications.”
– Gary Mauricio, Systems Support and Administration