Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare and Insurance companies are experiencing increased regulation, more compliance standards, and a consistent demand to perform.

Virtual Observer is a highly secure, compliant call recording and workforce optimization solution for the companies in the healthcare space.

Many of our customers in the healthcare space have used Virtual Observer’s call recording and quality monitoring capabilities to address these issues and facilitate performance gains.

Highlights include the ability to:

  • Record calls and meet compliance and industry standards/regulations, including HIPAA
  • Record calls for liability protection and dispute resolution
  • Automatically encrypt recorded interactions, protecting privacy by allowing for secure storage of confidential customer data
  • Deploy a robust and affordable call recording and quality monitoring system to improve contact center performance
  • Improve agent performance through the ability to record calls in customer service departments for training with Virtual Observer’s Integrated Evaluation and E-Learning toolsets
  • Offset rising costs in the contact center
  • Save time and resources in quickly finding important recorded calls
  • Flexibly and automatically archive media according to predefined criteria
  • Utilize big data analytics to make better decisions

Featured Testimonials from healthcare customers:

Glidewell Dental Laboratories
“Virtual Observer helped us turn a challenging situation around,”
offered the center’s IT and operations lead. “We have an extremely aggressive service level target of 94% of calls answered in 9 Seconds,” and now we’ve got a way of becoming very consistent. We chose VO because it offered a dramatically lower cost-of-ownership, the ability to work with both Cisco and ROLM (old PBX), Robust set of included features, Real-time, Drill-Down Dashboard Analytics, and the ability to phase in future requirements like WFM and Speech Analytics.”

Sacred Heart Health Systems
“Our customer service skills have improved considerably and staff members are much happier in their jobs because everyone is accountable for excellent customer service,” offered Jane Adams, Call Center Operations Manager. “The Supervisors do a lot of coaching and process improvement with the staff now that they have such a great tool to use. The staff members really enjoy the feedback from the supervisors,” she added. “One of our biggest customer service issues was that when a call was processed incorrectly we did not know where the point of failure occurred,” Adams said. “Now when a call is processed incorrectly we can go back to the call and listen and see what happened. We can then update our database or make process improvements.”

Childrens Memorial Hospital
“Kids Doc at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago installed virtual observer in June 2007. We monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for 40 agents. By recording all calls and auditing data and productivity reports for each team, individual registrar and nurse managers can determine how to reduce hold times, transfer fewer calls and provide more callers with what they need with just one call. This tool also improves management’s ability to train and coach staff to enhance the customer experience. The call center uses internally designed evaluation templates to measure quality, accuracy and completeness of contact with families.” 
– Tobey Aronsohn, RN, MSN Director-Kids Doc

Pica Group
“We chose CSI because it was a very affordable product that provided as many or more features than the pricey competition. They offer a product that allows small organizations to monitor quality like large organizations do. Actually, the VO product has more features than the one that I used when working for a large third party call center (33,000 + employees).”
– Margaret Hooper, Vice President, Podiatry Insurance Operations