Financial Services

Secure, compliant and effective call recording systems for Banks, Credit Unions, & Collections

Call monitoring systems are a critical component of every financial institution’s technology arsenal. Compliance, legal and quality assurance requirements mandate the need for a solution which will enable you to:

  • Record calls and meet compliances and industry regulations
  • Encrypt recorded customer interactions and meet security standards
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Record calls in customer service departments and use integrated evaluation and e-learning for training purposes to improve contact center performance
  • Provide an understanding of customer perceptions and needs
  • Continually improve the quality initiative
  • Provide an easy to use interface
  • Improve collection rates, sales, and other performance metrics
  • Integrate data from multiple locations for a true enterprise solution

Featured Testimonials from financial services customers:

Logix Federal Credit Union
“I have had many experiences with call monitoring in the past. I LOVE Virtual Observer from its thumbnails of desktops to its ability to interact with employees while they are on a call. I also have positive comments for the training as it is tailored around who is attending. The more interactive the participants the better the training was. The trainer was excellent!”
– Kara Fitzgerald, Director, Call Center Sales & Service
– Read about how Virtual Observer helped LFCU enhance delivery of member services