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Providing workforce optimization solutions for savvy Catalog, Retail, and E-Commerce companies, globally.

As a great percentage of consumers purchasing is now done online, it becomes more and more critical for e-commerce companies to ensure the continual improvement of contact center performance. Virtual Observer provides retail and catalog companies with the toolset you need to:

  • Record calls in sales departments for training. Increase sales, saves and upsells.
  • Encrypt recorded interactions and meet industry security standards
  • Record calls for liability protection
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Record calls in customer service departments and train agents to improve performance
  • Deploy robust and affordable call recording and quality monitoring system during tough economic times to improve contact center performance
  • Measure performance over multiple locations
  • Identify new customer behaviors and implement evaluation and scoring adjustments
  • Reduce agent churn and improve new agent training cycle time – especially important if you add part time or temporary holiday staffing

Featured Testimonials from catalog and retail customers:

Harry & David
“One of the immediate benefits was our ability to monitor that large influx of new associates we have at our season. Being able to give them feedback on their performance quickly and correct areas where they are having trouble has lower our attrition, during that critical period, and saved us money. We highly recommend Virtual Observer for other e-commerce contact centers. The features, cost, and ease of use along with the good customer service provided by CSI makes this system an excellent choice.”
– Jason Phillipson, Director of Planning Customer Operations

Baudville, Inc./IDville
“What I like most about Virtual Observer is the security: PCI standards, Internal Security, Ease of use – It can’t be a training nightmare (which VO isn’t), many front-line supervisors aren’t the most tech savvy; so it should be simple. Customization and flexibility: Being able to integrate with different phone systems, Customizable reports, Customizable columns/fields”
– Todd DeBoer, Operations Support

Cigars International
“As the Call Center Manager for a growing catalog and internet company, sales call quality and customer service call quality are paramount. In our industry what separates one company from another is the level of service. We recognized that in order to raise the bar (to become the company of choice) we need to do something more, continually improve on call quality. After a lengthy due diligence we chose VO as the application to assist us in our quest to be number one. Virtual Observer has provided us with exactly what we need to guide our representatives to success. I have used several applications in my career and this system is as straightforward as you can get. The support team made training and implementation a breeze; making the bottom line cost of the entire application very affordable.”
– Stephen McDevitt, Call Center Manager

Day-Timers, Inc.
“I looked at several other call recording vendors, many whom were much more expensive and included many extra features that seemed beyond what was really needed. CSI’s soft sell approach helped me make the decision. I appreciated the patience CSI exhibited. Part of the decision to choose Virtual Observer was also because it was be easy to prove out the return on investment. Being so cost effective, the performance gains show a positive return within the first year.”
– Steve Addy, Customer Contact Center Manager of Training and Quality

Harry and David
“The sales team did an excellent job. They described and represented the product in an accurate mariner and we were very pleased with the price. Where I really think CSI is top notch is in their product support. They truly do go above and beyond. They continue to help us with the smallest of problems and provide technical support to the technically challenged (the user group). My time was spent learning how to create templates which was very necessary. Because of this, I did not get to spend a lot of time in the practical learning session of VO. However, I did have a clear understanding of how to create the templates this portion of my training was beneficial and very well done. They were very patient with me! When VO was new to us, I called the support team a lot. I especially appreciate the help I’ve received from them. They have always been very helpful and have never made me to feel any of my questions were “stupid” even though some of them have been very basic’! They have always been able to answer my questions and have been kind and professional. At times, research is required to determine a cause and solution to an issue. if this is the case, it is done in a timely manner and the line of communication is always open. At one time when we were having some difficulty, they emailed me every morning to check in and see how things were going. I really do appreciate the support team!” 
– Dana Hammers, Team Leader Customer Service