Workforce Optimization Case Study

Results Group Automates their Contact Center Quality Monitoring with an robust Workforce Optimization Solution

Florida-based Results Group, an outsourced call center services provider, has been supporting clients for more than 20 years. Operating client dedicated centers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, the company helps their clients maximize every customer contact point. Their highly trained staff of more than 4,000 agents helps clients set higher performance standards by continually delivering increased sales and conversion rates, lower cancellation rates, lower cost per order and higher customer satisfaction levels.

A Business Challenge
Following a rapid growth in business, Results Group expanded their operation by opening 23 new contact centers across North America and Europe. In order to meet the new demand for client contacts and maintain the high standard already in place in their existing centers, Results Group needed a scalable call recording and quality monitoring solution that could accommodate their aggressive expansion and still provide excellent value to price.

Out of the many candidates they evaluated, Results Group selected Virtual Observer, from Coordinated Systems, Inc., for its simplicity and affordability. Coordinated Systems is a Gold-level member in the Avaya DevConnect Program.

Key Capabilities of the Solution

Virtual Observer (VO) is a scalable and fully customizable workforce optimization solution for contact centers large to small. Built on open standards, VO includes the same components found in higher priced systems and provides core functionality such as reliable recording, effective evaluations and robust reporting.

Avaya Communication Manager is an open, scalable, and highly reliable telephony solution that provides centralized call control for a resilient, distributed network of media gateways and a wide range of analog, digital and IP-based communication devices.

Avaya Application Enablement Services is an enhanced set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), protocols and web services for application developers, ISVs and system integrators providing a new, open platform that supports existing applications and next generation applications and solutions

Seamless Transition to a New System
Drawing on their experience developing and customizing contact center solutions for the Avaya platform, CSI quickly and efficiently implemented a call recording and quality monitoring solution that allowed Resutls Group to automate their entire quality assurance initiative and allowed them to leverage their existing Avaya technology. After the initial roll-out to 17 call centers, Results Group expanded their contract to include another 6 call centers, delivering the VO solution to a total of 4,000 agents operating in 23 different locations.

Selecting only the features and functionality that worked for them, Results Group implemented a scalable solution that was both reliable and affordable.

Highlights of the VO solution include: 

  • VO Live feature suite – Helps contact center supervisors to effectively manage and assist agents, using real-time screen activity to monitor performance and live supervisor-agent chat functionality to deliver on-the-spot guidance
  • VO Logger – Records and stores Results Group call center activity of 65,000 calls per day over 23 locations and call centers
  • Post-Call Survey module – Provides immediate polling of customer clients to more accurately assess contact center performance
  • E-Learning module — Allows Results Group to quickly and efficiently train new agents as well as provide advanced training to agents based upon scoring
  • Auto-Archiving module – Automates the call storage function, an invaluable tool for Results Group during their rapid expansion into new Locations.

“We were looking for a call recording and quality monitoring solution that our team would be comfortable with,” said Alec Brecker, Chief Operations Officer at Results Companies. “Virtual Observer offered everything we wanted to do at an attractive economic value. We wanted something that would be easy to use, so as we scaled up, it would be something that wouldn’t hinder our growth.”

Benefits for Results Group
Results Group has received tremendous value from the VO solution implementation: 

  • The number of successfully recorded calls has risen to more than one million calls per month
  • Staffing levels have increased to more than 4,000 agents
  • New agent training is completed in a fraction of the time
  • Quality levels have risen dramatically

About Results Group
Results Group Inc. has been in business for more than 20 years, operating client dedicated contact centers with over 4,000 agents that provide customer contacts in English, Spanish and French. Headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, Results Group has centers strategically located in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. The multilingual staff receives on-going training and testing to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction, while real-time reporting, monitoring and recording across all centers helps ensure clients receive worry-free compliant service.

Their unique business model helps clients set higher performance standards by delivering increased sales and conversion rates, lower cancellation rates, lower cost per order and higher customer satisfaction.