Selective Recording

We play by YOUR rules.

When you only need a sampling of calls recorded for quality assurance, we can record using your business rules.

When your call recording need is quality driven, Virtual Observer can completely automate your call center’s quality and training initiatives.

What is “Selective Recording”?

Selective Recording, historically, is an alternative to call logging. Selective, or “Random Sample” delivers a sampling of calls for you so you can conduct evaluation and scoring. For example, you could choose to record 5 calls per agent, per month. The recorded calls would then go into a queue for the supervisors to score. Selective recording can often be implemented at a much lower price point than call logging.

Why should your business choose “selective recording”?

  • Visually enhanced playback and integrated screen capture delivers in-depth understanding of what happened during interaction
  • Capture SMDR or CTI data for additional intelligence and to capture entire calls vs. “block of time” methodology
  • Aggressive pricing model
  • PBX support for a large variety of TDM/Legacy phone systems: Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Siemens, Nortel, Mitel, others

Selective recording system features:

  • Record every incoming and/or outgoing call
  • Search or browse for the calls you want to hear
  • Playback calls and annotate important points
  • Capture agent screen activity along with the call
  • View thumbnails of current agent screen activity
  • Chat with agents in real time
  • Utilize integrated quality assurance features to improve agent performance
  • Automatically run the scheduling process and avoid micro-managing every detail


When other call recording vendors release new system upgrades, the cost to current customers is so large it can essentially be labeled a “re-buy.” CSI offers free software updates and full version upgrades to supported customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

One of the most secure companies in the world, Iron Mountain’s IT staff has said “We have on occasions simply enjoyed a very social, easy-going, and yet highly technical banter with CSI technicians who are as passionate about their work as I am, but just as able to be personable. Kudos, to whoever it was that saw the need to have qualified, real, and personable support staff to talk with. This delicate balance of personality and teeth-grindingly accurate technical aptitude is far too rare!”