Call Logging / 100% Recording

Analog to Digital to SIP to Cloud

We pride ourselves on being able to record anything.

When your call recording need is mission critical, the Virtual Observer Call Logging Solution delivers compliance, liability and strong quality focus.

The Virtual Observer Call Logging Solution can help meet contractual, legal, liability, verification, dispute resolution, and security requirements for your enterprise.

What makes the Virtual Observer call logger standout?

  • Automatic archiving provides virtual unlimited storage
  • Visually enhanced playback and integrated screen capture delivers in-depth understanding of what happened during interaction
  • Capture SMDR or CTI data for additional intelligence
  • Aggressive pricing model
  • PBX support for a large variety of VoIP and TDM/Legacy phone systems: Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, Siemens, NEC, Mitel, SIP and other popular brand systems

Logger system features:

  • Record every incoming and/or outgoing call
  • Search or browse for the calls you want to hear
  • Playback calls and annotate important points
  • Capture agent screen activity along with the call
  • View thumbnails of current agent screen activity
  • Chat with agents in real time
  • Automatically archive calls to NAS/SAN
  • Automatically encrypt calls to protect valuable customer information and comply with Visa PCI standards
  • Utilize integrated quality assurance features to improve agent performance
  • Automatically run the scheduling process and avoid micro-managing every detail
  • Automatically purge records based on predetermined criteria
  • Write custom reports using our Crystal Reports engine
  • Data Replication/Pending Processor for Multi-Site Enterprise Solutions. This feature allows VO to have a central recording server but move the audio and screens to remote storage server for playback
  • Agent Tagging. This feature allows agents to tag calls with specific user defined data that may not reside within VO. (customer name, call type, account number, etc). This is popular in our non-CTI environments
  • E-Learning and Content Delivery. This feature supports the ability to send calls (audio and attached screens), evaluation results, and relevant learning materials to agents in an email using your companies email system.


When other call recording vendors release new system upgrades, the cost to current customers is so large it can essentially be labeled a “re-buy”. CSI offers free software updates and full version upgrades to supported customers.

Many of our competitors will sell you a large suite of features that you may never even utilize, yet the cost of those features is factored in your annual maintenance

CSI is proud to maintain a 95%+ customer retention rate.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Virtual Observer was a right-sized solution for us. We use Virtual Observer to prove that we provided (or in some cases did not) the necessary information for the customer to make an informed decision. In addition, we monitor all points of a call from beginning to end, customer service and quality control to make sure the RFT (required follow- throughs) have been completed.”