Avaya Call Recording – DMCC

Do you Run DMCC?

We offer the most flexible DMCC Avaya call recording methods available.

With Device Media Call Control (DMCC), formerly CMAPI, it is possible to obtain a robust, centralized call recording system for your multiple location Avaya enterprise with an incredibly lower cost of ownership

What is the Virtual Observer DMCC recording solution?
The Virtual Observer DMCC recording solution is an Avaya-compliant method of recording which is entirely software-based. No additional hardware is necessary, even as you scale your organization. This recording method supports TDM, IP or hybrid telephony environments. The Virtual Observer DMCC / CMAPI recording solution can flatten and expand your network, allowing you to reach out to all phones in a virtual environment, from a single location, regardless of where the phones are located.

What are the various DMCC recording methods?

– Concurrent DMCC recording
– 100% logging
–  Selective with schedules or business logic,
–  On Demand (Supervisor or Agent)
–  Single Step Conference as well as Multiple Registration

How does the Virtual Observer DMCC / CMAPI recording solution work?
Virtual Observer offers multiple types of DMCC / CMAPI based recording, including a unique selective recording option based on business rules, as well as a money-saving simultaneous recording method, known in the industry as “Concurrent”. Virtual Observer also has the ability of total recording for 100% of the calls, as well as on-demand options.

What is DMCC / CMAPI?
DMCC / CMAPI is an API (Application Programming Interface) which gives you the ability to record calls directly from Avaya Communication Manager. Avaya defines it as “Device Media Call Control”, which was formerly known as CMAPI, or Communication Manager Application Programming Interface.

How does DMCC work? DMCC works by allowing software vendors to create soft phones, in memory on a recording server, and use them to monitor and record other phones. This is purely a software solution and does not require telephony boards or any wiring beyond your typical network infrastructure.

How can DMCC / CMAPI benefit my business?

  • Integrates with Avaya Communication Manager
  • Integrates with Virtual Observer quality monitoring solution
  • Works within Avaya platforms
  • Removes need for CTI
  • Works with Avaya Interaction Center
  • Brings in many call data fields, allowing for intelligent search
  • Records Analog, DCP or IP sets
  • Supports remote call center agents

What kind of Return on Investment is delivered by DMCC recording?

  • Improvements in Customer Satisfaction
  • Decreases operating expenses
  • Reduces footprint
  • Lower total cost of ownership

How does DMCC / CMAPI reduce my Total Cost of Ownership?

  • Zero hardware to deploy or maintain
  • Zero cabling, extension or trunk lines to deploy or maintain
  • Zero requirement for CTI
  • Single point admin for multi-location implementation
  • Investment protection for the future
  • Seamless upgrade path from TDM to IP

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