WFO and CRM connectors for your enterprise

CSI has created extremely useable integrations for three leadingintegration CRM ERP CRM/ERP applications with Virtual Observer:

Oracle Service Cloud

With these integrations, our customers can get their work done faster and smarter with the benefit of a single seamless technology platform fully integrating all aspects of CRM/ERP and Workforce Optimization, together in a single platform.

The integration can be as simple as a mass list of WFO Recordings which can be searched, sorted and played directly from the CRM/ERP user interface or a dynamic list linked directly to objects and placed strategically on their preferred workspaces. More and more organizations are turning to their CRM UI as their all-day workspace. With our connector services, it’s becoming a closer reality to transitionng workforce optimization tools to these spaces.

WFO-enable your CRM/ERP domain with Virtual Observer and secure Web Services, enabling your team to utilize a robust, full-featured, embedded Workforce Optimization Suite offering access to powerful Analytics, Surveys, Quality Monitoring, Speech Analytics, and much more.


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