Virtual Observer Delivers the Engaged Agent

In order for our customers to achieve enterprise goals, contact center management teams need to ensure their agents are performing up to industry standards. CSI offers a set of agent performance tools as an included bundle of quality management features within the Virtual Observer workforce optimization (WFO) suite. These tools can help monitor, measure and improve agent performance. This innovative set of unique quality management features include:

VO Agent Portal:
Empower your customer’s agents by bringing them into the call monitoring process. This exciting feature gives them their own view into Virtual Observer, where they can play back their own recordings, view their performance statistics, access learning materials and more.

VO Live for Agent Assistance:
The suite of features included in VO Live present the supervisor with a tremendous level of insight into the agent’s activity. With VO Live’s ability to view thumbnails of all agent screen activity in real time, supervisors are able to get a good idea of who is using applications properly and efficiently.

VO Agent Timeline:
Agent TimelineThis included feature in the Virtual Observer suite asks the question “What’s Up With the Down Time?”. Supervisors can quickly look at the VO Agent Timeline view and see a landscape view of recorded phone calls, screen captures, chats or inactivity during their day. This is an incredibly unique feature in the contact center / workforce optimization tool set, and it’s one which can prove to be a huge value for performance-minded contact centers.

Webcam Recording and Monitoring:
This is a feature that was developed from listening to our customers who wish to learn more about smart phone abuse and other distractions that lead to agent performance issues (#’s of calls per hour, out of adherence trends, fraud prevention, safety and security (reviewing what actually occurred during unplanned emergency events). It can also be a powerful agent learning too as they can view their own body language and behavior and make improvements. This feature may have been born of big brother, but it can also provide some helpful learning moments                

In this competitive workforce optimization space, there are no other suites which can compare with Virtual Observer’s uniquely packaged offerings. When looking for an affordable and proven solution which truly puts the agents in the hands of a powerful tool for agent improvement and employee development, only Virtual Observer delivers a solution with an entire suite of included features.



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What Our Customers Are Saying...

A healthcare facility in the mideast US installed Virtual Observer a few years back as part of a call recording and quality assurance initiative:
“We monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for 40 agents. By recording all calls and auditing data and productivity reports for each team, individual registrar and nurse managers can determine how to reduce hold times, transfer fewer calls and provide more callers with what they need with just one call. This tool also improves management’s ability to train and coach staff to enhance the customer experience. The call center uses internally designed evaluation templates to measure quality, accuracy and completeness of contact with families.”