Virtual Observations #6

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* Visit us at the Miami CCDEMO ICMI show
CSI will be in force at the 2007 Call Center Demo show in Miami (hello, South Beach). We’ll be meeting and greeting customers, prospects, technology partners and of course, all the VO groupies looking to storm the booth. Stop by and say hello if you’re going to be there. We’re giving away an iPod and twenty six other nifty prizes.

* What new features can help create the better trained agent?
One of the most exciting new features in Virtual Observer is Live Desktop.
Live Desktop gives supervisors the ability to view live agent screen activity, provide realtime assistance via interactive chat, or even take control of an agent’s desktop and guide them through the correct steps. Live Panel allows supervisors to see an entire screen full of thumbnail agent desktops. Live Desktop gives supervisors the ability to provide “Live Coaching” to agents in real time, as needed!

* CSI implements VO for Results Companies Inc.
Results Companies Inc. selects Virtual Observer to rapidly create better trained customer service agents. Virtual Observer is logging 15,000 calls per day across 500 seats in this single VoIP solution, with value-added QA functions as well as capturing screen activity, CTI (Avaya AES) integration. This really makes the case of Virtual Observer as an alternative to the top 3 or 4 recording vendors. We’ve already added another 500 seats to bring the current total to 1000 seats, which in the next few weeks will be capturing over 1 million calls per month. This is just the tip of the iceberg as the project was planned from the beginning to scale well over 3000 seats in the first year alone….read the entire news release here

* Newest members of the team
CSI is proud to announce three strong additions to our staff:

Mark Stryker, Senior Business Development Consultant.
Mark brings extensive experience working in the consultative side of quality monitoring.

Anthony Riccio, Regional Sales Manager.
Anthony joins our direct sales organization, utilizing his many years of solution sales expertise.

Victor Favara, Senior Programming Manager.
Victor will be working on Virtual Observer software development efforts as well as research and development.

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* Demystifying Common Acronyms:
For your reference we have started building a comprehensive call center glossary.

* Top VO 3.0 Support FAQs
Question: How do I include customer interactions made via fax, email or chat?

  1. Click on the “Application Launcher”
  2. Select “Event Log” from the main menu
  3. Select “Create External Event” from the Event Log menu
  4. Build this new event including details from the fax, chat or email, such as:
    Agent: The agent this event is for.
    Description: What this event is.
    Start: The date and time the event started.
    End: The date and time this event ended.
    Event File: The external file you are linking this event to. If you are not linking to an external file, this field will be blank. Retain: Check if you want this event to kept until you choose to delete it. Add Multiple: Check if you are creating multiple external events

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