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* Best Practices – What features are truly essential to a core quality monitoring program?
If you are shopping for a new call recording and quality monitoring system, and you’re looking for the best value in a solution, what features are truly necessary and which are fluff?

– Evaluation: Having the ability to score your agents’ interactions is invaluable. Getting a user friendly system that echoes your current strategy is essential to a smooth transition from a manual scoring environment to an automated process.
– Performance Reporting: Having extreme flexibility to get the reports you need is vital. No doubt about it.
– Screen Capture: If you’re missing out on an agent’s computer activity during the recorded call, you’re missing out on half of the event.
– E-Learning: Enhance the use of evaluation with a tool that can greatly help improve the performance of your team.
– Speech Analytics: Not quite a “gotta have it” tool as of yet for most businesses.
– Automatic Archiving: If you’re logging all calls, this is very helpful in managing your network hard drive space. Used in combination with automatic purging, you can have virtual unlimited storage.
– Media Encryption: Really valuable if you’re trying to comply with Visa PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards or as an extra level of security to protect valuable customer data.

* Did you know VO can record all calls?
Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to announce the latest update to the Virtual Observer (VO) 3.0 Call Logger, a total recording solution, can now be bolstered with virtual unlimited storage, enhanced playback and media encryption. The VO Logger is expandable to include a full featured quality monitoring suite. The VO Call Logger works in most VoIP, traditional TDM, and hybrid digital/analog/IP environments.

* What kind of VoIP systems is VO compatible with?
We work within the Cisco, Avaya, 3com and Mitel VoIP platforms, as well as most SIP-enabled Voice over IP systems.

* Call Center Knowledge Share
Data, recorded events, evaluations and reports generated by Virtual Observer can be distributed to other areas of your business to help them understand what is happening when a customer calls in. The sales and marketing teams may learn quite a bit from listening to the post-sales customer experience. Core problems can be identified, and fixes can be implemented throughout an organization. Limiting call monitoring systems to agent performance can make you miss opportunities for enterprise-wide process improvements.

* Tips for improving customer service performance
How can you safely mention to an agent that they aren’t using proper grammar?
If any of your agents speak improper grammar, customers can get a poor impression of your company. Your agents are your front line to the world. Here are some tips for handling this sensitive issue:

– Speak one on one with the employee, and let them know it’s not going to be on record
– Talk about a specific recorded example, rather than a commentary on their verbal skills as a whole
– Increase screening for grammar within the hiring process
– Offer educational communications programs

* Demystifying Common Acronyms:
These acronyms are examples of call record data, typically retrieved via a computer:
SMDR – station message-detail recording
CDR – call detail recording

* How to maximize your use of VO 3.0
Do you ever want to change the layout of your screen area during playback of calls?
With Virtual Observer’s dynamic views, you can eliminate data windows, resize certain components, and save your current layout as a different or preferred layout.

* Top VO 3.0 Support FAQs
Question: How do I create a new scoring template in VO 3.0?

  1. Click on the “Application Launcher”
  2. Select “Maintenance” from the main menu
  3. Select “Templates” from the Maintenance menu
  4. Open “New” for a new template

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