Start Small and Think Big!

Unique Approach to VoIP Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Allows Call Centers to “Start Small and Think Big”

East Hartford based software development firm enables call centers to use a phased approach and still receive a high impact return on investment when implementing voip call recording and quality monitoring technology.

June 9, 2006 — Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to announce that the latest release of Virtual Observer (VO) 3.0, a complete call center quality monitoring and VoIP recording suite, can provide call centers with the ability to implement their solution with a phased approach, rather than forcing customers to purchase features they’re not ready for or bells and whistles they will never use.

When purchasing the Virtual Observer call center quality monitoring suite, customers have the option to record selective calls instead of recording all calls, which requires many more channel licenses, and a corresponding higher budget. CSI differentiates themselves from the rest of the industry by providing “big budget” features at “small budget” prices, thus establishing the middle ground between low-end recording devices that simply record calls and allow for playback and high end complete call center suites that can overwhelm buyers with features they will never even use.

VO provides tremendous value to the call recording process by adding powerful evaluation and E-learning features. Using VO, call center managers have the capability to produce training media for burning onto cd, web playback, or automatic email distribution to agents who require specific help. Packaged training material can also be used to reduce the training cycle time for new agents.

Virtual Observer supports a large variety of VoIP and TDM/Legacy phone systems: Cisco, Avaya, 3COM, Siemens, Nortel, Mitel, as well as any SIP-enabled VoIP systems. CSI can implement Virtual Observer within a traditional TDM environment, on a hybrid TDM/VoIP system, or on a pure VoIP network.

VO’s strength has always been in delivering full-featured functionality at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). One of the reasons VO is able to achieve the lower TCO is by allowing customers to record a sampling of calls for quality purposes, rather than forcing them to log every call. Now these same cost savings can be applied for VoIP recording on Cisco, Avaya, 3com, Siemens and any SIP VoIP system.

As more and more companies choose to implement VoIP, for both cost savings and value-added functionality, they can now acquire a more affordable quality monitoring solution that will record a select number of calls needed to produce the quality assurance target goal for number off evaluations.

This also means that companies can now implement the full featured technology of an enterprise class quality monitoring system without worrying that they will be left behind when transitioning to VoIP.

In the recent call recording marketplace, you used to be able to only buy basic, feature-deprived VoIP recorders OR expensive, feature-crammed, high TCO products. Just as CSI approached the traditional analog recording world, the marketplace is revolutionized by making available a complete Call Center Quality Monitoring and VoIP Recording suite, packed with features that companies will use, for a palatable price.

Another differentiating area that separates CSI involves annual maintenance agreements. With VO, annual support renewals are not complete system re-buys, but instead a nominal percentage of the original software cost. Superior customer service at an affordable price will yield a mutually satisfied long-term relationship.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) delivers enterprise-ready, random sample VoIP call recording and 100% call logging with quality assurance functionality at an incredible value. CSI specializes in providing solutions to mid-size and large customer service centers recording a sampling of agent calls in single or multiple locations. Virtual Observer can be up and running and creating better trained employees in rapid time. ###

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