Quality monitoring company updates breakthrough call logging software with encryption and unlimited storage

Quality monitoring company updates breakthrough call logging software with encryption and unlimited storage

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to announce the latest update to the Virtual Observer (VO) 3.0 Call Logger, a total recording solution, can now be bolstered with virtual unlimited storage, enhanced playback and media encryption. The VO Logger is expandable to include a full featured quality monitoring suite. The VO Call Logger works in most VoIP, traditional TDM, and hybrid digital/analog/IP environments.

There are many call loggers on the marketplace today. Many of the more affordable solutions offer basic recording and limited playback features. Many are simple hardware recorders requiring managers to physically visit the unit to view recordings. Many offer extended features at a much higher price and will often force feature purchases that are neither necessary or in the future plans of the customer.

CSI’s approach is a bit different. As with their Virtual Observer 3.0 random sample recording edition, they pack all the important features into the core model and allow customers to pick and choose what other functionality they need. The VO Logger is priced for the mid-market, yet easily extends to the enterprise for multi-location logging to a centralized database. The VO Logger can also capture SMDR or CTI data for additional intelligence – as an optional add-on module. Certain configurations also allow for screen capture in a logger environment.

Similar to the aggressive pricing model for new customer solutions, the upgrade path for current customers of CSI is clear and inexpensive. Full upgrade releases are free for actively maintained customers and the only fee is the labor for the actual server conversion. This contributes to CSI’s 95%+ customer retention rate.

The VO Logger comes optionally equipped with two significant features:Auto-Archiving and Media Encryption. With Auto-Archiving, companies can achieve virtual unlimited storage using automated storage and purging rules combined with a DVD recorder, NAS or SAN device. Events can be stored to any network-enabled device.

The Media Encryption module automatically encrypts all recorded events – protecting your important customer information. This also is a mandate enforced by Visa’s new Payment Card Industry standard. The VO Logger with Media Encryption complies with this standard. Calls are de-crypted during playback for authenticated users. The VO Logger includes granular-level security controls to further ensure system data protection.

Virtual Observer supports a large variety of VoIP and TDM/Legacy phone systems: Cisco, Avaya, 3COM, Siemens, Nortel, Mitel, as well as any SIP-enabled VoIP systems. Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been in business since 1972. CSI employs a “Start Small, Think Big” philosophy that allows call centers to use a phased approach and still receive a high impact return on investment when implementing voip call recording and quality monitoring technology.


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