Latest Version of Virtual Observer Ushers in a New Era of Call Recording & Quality Optimization

Latest Version of Virtual Observer Ushers in a New Era of Call Recording & Quality Optimization

Coordinated Systems, Inc., of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to introduce it’s next generation of the Virtual Observer call recording and quality optimization suite.

Coordinated Systems, Inc, (CSI), of East Hartford, CT is proud to introduce the latest release of Virtual Observer, which brings with it several enhancements including a web interface, enabling customers to utilize all of the solution’s robust QA features within any web-enabled browser, as well as an overhauled analytics offering, including an array of powerful user-specific dashboards. Virtual Observer 4.0 also offers a wide range of quality optimization features, including integrated scoring, screen capture, performance and trending reports, e-learning, VO Live for real-time agent monitoring and assistance, and integrated speech analytics.

Customers moving to VO4 will be able to immediately take advantage of the luxury of the web based interface, as any authorized remote supervisor or even authorized customers can access VO from any browser in any location. Users will be able to adopt to the new system swiftly, as the interface was designed to be as familiar as possible to current users, while still demonstrating the appeal of a new design.

Developing the web version of VO was not an overnight project. CSI evaluated several development options and methodologies, requiring optimal accessibility from any standard browser. “We needed to find the right toolset to bring a rich user interface experience to the web, matching the capabilities of our client-server version. We wanted to make sure the first release of the web version would at a minimum carry the same rich features and benefits of the popular client-server version. VO customers can expect ongoing enhancements to VO4,” mentioned Dan McGrail, director of development for CSI.

“Our road map for VO4 and beyond is to incorporate more aggressive quality optimization features from the agent and customer perspectives. We’ve completely rewritten our reporting and fine tuned our dashboard presentation to deliver a very clean multi-level summary of live real-time information. We’ll be taking advantage of some of the newer development tools to continue bringing enhancements and useful tools for our customer base.”

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