Gain valuable customer insight with VO Survey

Close the quality feedback loop with customer scoring

VO Survey automates the customer feedback process as part of an overall call recording and quality monitoring program.

Users of Virtual Observer have always been able to utilize supervisor evaluations of recorded calls between customer service agents and their customers in order to assess quality and provide training to their agents. This process is now enhanced by the ability to also include actual customer feedback in the evaluation process, creating a very accurate assessment of call center performance.

VO Survey also allows for call center management to calibrate evaluations performed by supervisors against actual customer ratings, providing a fair comparison. Trends in aggregate performance perception can be identified and corrections can be implemented.

After a phone call, the customer is able to select an optional survey, conducted right over the phone. Once completed, the survey data is then stored to the event record in the VO database.

Virtual Observer supports a large variety of Analog, Digital and VoIP phone systems: Cisco, Avaya, 3COM, Siemens, Nortel, Mitel, as well as any SIP-enabled VoIP systems.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been in business since 1972. CSI employs a “Start Small, Think Big” philosophy that allows call centers to use a phased approach and still receive a high impact return on investment when implementing voip call recording and quality monitoring technology.

VO Survey highlights:

  • Completely automated survey tool extends your QA process to the customer
  • After call, an optional phone survey is made available to your customers
  • The survey data is collected and stored in VO, allowing management to compare customer feedback with supervisor feedback for calibration
  • View trends in customer satisfaction, agent performance, evaluation grades, and more…
  • Instant customer feedback
  • Evaluators become more efficient, reducing subjective questioning


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