Do You Measure How Many Calls Are “Avoided” in Your Contact Center?

We’ve created a new “Call Avoidance” (CA) metric querying capability which gathers data relative to agents avoiding calls.

Unlike more typical call center statistics such as “AHT” (Average Handle Time), determining your center’s CA stats may be different depending on your particular interpretation of how to measure such avoidance.

You may want to brainstorm and think of all the different ways calls could be avoided by agents in your center.

Once that question is answered, we can begin to be able to build business rules definitions in order to help you capture that data.

For example, Company A might say a call is being avoided if the agent hung-up first (before the customer) AND the call contains 70% or more of hold time, while Company B might say a call is avoided if its an incoming call greater than 10 seconds with more than 30 seconds of hold.

Based on the established business rules, the # of calls being avoided can be tracked and then analyzed by specific agent.

This kind of report should be extremely useful in helping to identify opportunities for agent improvement.

Call Avoidance, First Call Resolution, AHT and other data is available in Virtual Observer Version 4.

FCR and AHT are also available as widgets in Version 4 of Virtual Observer Dashboard Analytics.

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