Day-Timers, Inc. selects CSI for call center monitoring and QA

Day-Timers’ contact center implements quality assurance solution

Day-Timers, Inc. selects Coordinated Systems, Inc. to provide call center quality assurance and call recording solution.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) , a leading provider of call center quality assurance solutions, proudly announces that Day-Timers, Inc. has selected CSI’s Virtual Observer solution. Virtual Observer will be installed in the Lehigh Valley, PA call center and will allow Day-Timers, Inc. the ability to record customer interactions, evaluate the events, deliver relevant training content to employees and generate powerful analytics.

Virtual Observer (VO) is in its 3.0 release, and includes random sample call recording, screen capture and evaluation in the professional version. Day-Timers also opted for the E-learning module, which will be key in accelerating the performance improvement of the call center team. VO will also integrate with SMDR to allow for further data reporting capabilities.

Steve Addy of Day Timers understands the importance of call evaluation and was eager to bring call recording into their call center. After CSI demonstrated the E-learning functionality of Virtual Observer, Steve knew he had to make the decision to purchase a solution. He performed his due diligence and looked at several other call recording vendors, many whom were much more expensive and included many extra features that seemed beyond what was really needed.

Steve approached CSI for the first time almost two years ago. CSI’s soft sell approach helped him make the decision. Steve appreciated the patience CSI exhibited. Part of the decision to choose Virtual Observer was also because it would be easy to prove out the return on investment. Virtual Observer’s powerful reporting system would let Steve slice and dice the data in any format needed. Being so cost effective, the performance gains will likely show a positive return within the first year.

Day Timers has an Avaya phone system and CSI had a good number of clients using Avaya, so there were no shortages of client references. Virtual Observer is compatible with most phone systems, including Avaya, Nortel, and Seimens. Virtual Observer will be programmed to record a random sampling of calls flowing through the phone system. Supervisors can then pick and choose which calls they can score, and the E-learning module will deliver the appropriate training content to the agent whose call was scored. Management can then run reports on specific agents, types of calls, by length of call, etc.

Since the beginnings of Day-Timers, Inc. in 1947, the company has empowered its customers with the necessary skills and tools to manage time and cope with information and change. Day-Timers is a pioneer in the field of time management and provides the tools for people in all walks of life to dramatically increase their personal effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Because the company realizes that change is the only constant in life, Day-Timers has always responded to the needs of its customers, creating new products to meet their changing lifestyles. Day-Timers, Inc. is a subsidiary of ACCO Brands Corp.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) is a leading software development company. Established in 1972, they have consistently evolved their products over time and grown their business by building high quality long term partnerships. CSI’s flagship product, Virtual Observer (VO), is a call recording and quality assurance solution for call centers. VO is making inroads against major competition by offering a robust, user friendly feature set that exceeds client requirements and enhances client satisfaction.

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