Announcing enhancements to our line-up of quality monitoring features

New Quality Monitoring enhancements added to Virtual Observer

We are pleased to announce a series of breakthrough enhancements to the Virtual Observer (VO) call center quality monitoring solution.

The Virtual Observer solution currently offers a robust quality assurance feature set combined with reliable and secure call recording for contact centers of all sizes. Known to consistently deliver simple, effective and affordable feature enhancements, perhaps the most anticipated addition to the VO line up is a tool set labeled as “VO Live” – “VO Live” gives supervisors and managers the ability to reach out and interact with agents instantaneously and control agent desktops. “VO Live” includes three distinctive functions: VO Live Desktop, VO Live Chat and VO Live Panel.

“VO Live Desktop” allows you to pop open an agents desktop on your screen to view or interact with them.

“VO Live Chat” allows instant messaging between you and your agents for textual conversation. Managers now can chat with an agent in real time and provide an agent with real time strategic consulting as they assist a caller.

“VO Live Panel” is a powerful tool that allows supervisors to view thumbnails of multiple agent desktops on one screen, and with a click they can view a full screen size of any thumbnail.

Many of these quality monitoring enhancements are included with the base solution and will be deployed to the current customer base over the next few months. Other value added enhancements are available as add-on modules at a nominal cost for customers with active support agreements.

Besides the “VO Live” tool set, “Call annotation” within VO has also been taken up a notch. While VO has always had great note functionality, quality supervisors can now easily add audio notes within the audio recording or by marking up the captured screen activity with a football-esque “chalkboard” functionality, making it easy to describe process improvements visually.

Most people might think that these strong enhancements would come with a full version upgrade, but CSI provides strong regular updates to their current version of product several times per year. Many enhancements are designed with specific customer requests in mind. Many ideas for new features and functionality stems from the active role the CSI support team plays in customer implementations, training, and follow up. Complete version upgrades occur about every other year. Customers with an active maintenance agreement are always given nominal upgrade pricing.

“Beside the pro-customer focus, It’s also more cost effective to keep a customer on the latest version than to support a customer base on five different versions,” said a representative of the CSI Support team. “We’re looking for long term customer relationships, not hit and run sales or complete system re-buys every year”.

One last notable enhancement is automatic scheduled report generation and distribution – now basically a “set it and forget it” process within VO. This allows supervisors to email agent performance reports or custom reports to executives on a regular scheduled basis.

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